Displaying A Pirate Ship In A Bottle

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Among the tropical waters of a southern sea, a large ship begins to come into view. This ship has many grand white sails, but oddly enough she flies no flag. The ship’s hull is etched with long scratches and dents. The indents and large gashes in the ship are indicative of many battles having taken place with this ship as a participant, and it seems as though she has too little monetary funds to reshape the hull properly. Though most ships of the sea can be fast, this vessel is clearly in the top ten percent of the fastest of the bunch. This ship moves with great velocity and a steady stride carries her to her port of destination.

A pirate ship in a bottle is a decorative item based off this splendid and striking ship. The pirate ship in a bottle enjoys astounding popularity with people because of the mythic proportions the tales about pirate ships have reached. The ship that struck fear into the hearts of sailors all over the world was the pirate ship. The ruthless business-like nature of the pirate ship and her crew were also held in awe. The pirate ship in a bottle attempts to recapture these feelings with a creative model piece. In its own way, the pirate ship in a bottle is a slice of the history of the ocean and sea travel.

The most modeled type of pirate ship is that of the schooner. The schooner was very popular in the 1600’s golden age of trading, and as such we think of pirate ships today as being schooners. The sails of a schooner are its most distinctive attribute, as they are extremely wide. Starching these sails was one of the many ways to keep them in prime working condition. In order to keep these massive sails aloft, even larger masts were required. In order to corner their chosen prey, pirate ships were often crafted with speed in mind.

The attributes of the pirate ship in a bottle and the actual working ships models that could carry people are very similar. A modeler’s passion drives them to craft a pirate ship in a bottle that resembles the real thing down to the last plank of wood. The intense attention to detail of the modeler results in the pirate ship in a bottle being one of the most accurate ships available in a bottle. These items do best when placed on a shelf where light can reach them. Natural sunlight is often thought to be the best light source possible. Placing a pirate ship in a bottle by a sextant or another sea based display item is a perfect aesthetic choice. Wood is the default material for crafting these models from. Many times, the bottle’s glass is colored for effect. However, some of these colors can hinder the view of the ship within. In most cases, a clear bottle is thought best in order to observe the ship inside.


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Displaying A Pirate Ship In A Bottle

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This article was published on 2011/04/16